The wheel spinners


Christopher Thompson

Christopher C. Thompson, MD, MHES, FACG, FASGE

Principle Investigator

Director of Therapeutic Endoscopy (BWH)
Director of Developmental Endoscopy Laboratory (BWH)
Director of Bariatric Endoscopy (BWH)
Associate Professor of Medicine (HMS)
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Marvin Ryou

Marvin Ryou, MD


Advanced Endoscopist (BWH)
Assistant Professor of Medicine (HMS)
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Nitin Kumar

Nitin Kumar, MD

Entrepreneur in Residence

Advanced Endoscopist (BWH)

Michele Ryan

Michele Ryan, MS, BS

Senior Research Lab Manager


Amy Ou

Amy Ou, MD

Media Administrator

Internal Medicine Resident (NYU)

Current Lab Members

Wasif Abidi

Wasif Abidi, MD, MPH

Clinical GI Fellow (BWH)

Position in Lab: Clinical and Research Fellow (2013-present)

Hiro Aihara

Hiro Aihara, MD

Position in Lab: Sponsored Research Fellow (Jikei University - Tokyo, Japan) (2012-present)